Portable Accelerometer Goodness

After spending the better part of the day looking at how the accelerometers work in one of the new console’s controllers (I’ll let you guess which one), I had made a comment to one of my co-workers that I expected the next generation of portable game systems to have accelerometers built in. Well, thanks to the folks over at ndsmotion.com, the current generation can have accelerometers too. They packed a 3 axis accelerometer and a single axis gyroscope into a standard DS size cart. Of course, this can only be used with homebrew games, but if you look at their site, you will see a nice selection of games that are already available. As a plus, the design and the manufacture of the product are very professional looking. This cart would look right at home with the official DS carts that I already have. The only way to make this better, IMO, would be to add No-Pass functionality as well, allowing people who can’t/won’t modify their DS to use this as well.

Now I wonder how soon before we see official DS games coming with accelerometers built in?


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