DS Friend Codes

I’m posting my friend codes for all of the DS WiFi games I have here. If you decide to add me, make sure you post a comment with your friend code so that I can add you as well.  Please make sure that when you list add your friend code to indicate which game you are listing — each game has a unique friend code.  Also, feel free to list other friend codes here, but I only have the games listed below.  So, I won’t be able to add you.

Clubhouse Games — 1289 3662 2649
Diddy Kong Racing — 150415 382148
Mario Kart DS — 545564 795224
Picross DS — 485425 863038
Pokémon Diamond — 3394 0657 3675
Planet Puzzle League — 232032 182782

  1. hey i have clubhouse games my friend code is 2320 2066 9649. i have already added you post as soon as posible when you get this

    1. mine is 4898 6639 3227

      1. Mine is 1505 7096 8658
        Name is Amilenn add me I added you!

      2. 2750 3873 8098

      3. anyone pls add me for my mario kart ds its 174118299944 and name is benjamin!:).if there anything wrong.reply me

      4. your FC is wrong. tell me your FC again.

      5. hayyyyyyyyyy guyz I play pokemon x and I need friends to trade every ds code that player will get a free shiny mine ds code is 0104 1138 6567

    2. pleas lets go on at 7 or 6 tonight k

    3. hey diddy i added u hears me fc for chg 532496863020 thx plz reply and add me nee ppl to versi lol

      1. hey there i added you can you add me 2148 8931 5358

      2. I added you on Diddy Kong: Racing Ds my friend code: 318226 – 241990

    4. fc for picross ds is: 133456 379514

  2. do you even look at this post anymore? i guess not…………………….

  3. i have clubhouse games to my code is: 0430-4143-1792

  4. Hey diddy — yes, I still check this post — give me a little more time next time to add you 😀 I’ve just added both you and crumpet as friends. Hope to see you online sometime 🙂

    1. yo my friend code for diddy kong racing ds is 515753098995/ friend me

      1. I added you on Diddy Kong: Racing Ds. My friend code:318226241990

    2. hi, its Tom. do you have Mario Kart DS?

      1. I have!

      2. what is your MKFC

      3. the code is 374118299944.name Benjamin!:)

      4. what is yours????

      5. oh the b is B

      6. I be waiting

      7. wait for your reply

      8. pls reply

      9. sorry about that. i will add you when i get the chance, ok. maybe this weekend i hope.

      10. I found your friend code:)Picture changed

      11. Reply me if have time.I play Nintendo WFC with you.If you have any problems please tell me!Sometimes I do not reply…

      12. i dont have wifi yet but when i do, i’ll race with you.

      13. i added you Benjaman. here is my FC 0906-1036-9720 add me. i dont have wifi yet though.

      14. ……

      15. at least I added you earlier.And you really went to Nitendo WFC settings?

      16. I will reply next Saturday and Sunday as tomorrow I gonna go to school

      17. When you have wifi have these steps racing with me.
        1. no cheats(Sometimes I forgot,so I smack the out of here)
        thats all

      18. yeah i do wats ur frend code

      19. Top have my code

    3. Hi. I’m Tom. I was just asking if you have Mario Kart 7? I just got mine this past weekend. And what is ur MK7FC?

  5. lol ok i was just kidding too… any way i just looked at this post right now im getting on right now. p.s. crumpet i have added you

    1. Do you know that everyone could see what your writing?

  6. allright people i have just made a room

  7. ill be waiting in the room till you guys get to come on so just find a room and itll be mine. anyway i like how this site is made up all the other sites i tried to go to made me register as a user this one doesnt make me do that, that makes me happy. this is a no hassle easy “git-r-done” kind of a site i rate it 60 stars!

  8. you guys take too long, lol you make your own room. post when you have made the room.

  9. man this just aint right. ive been waitin in the room now i have to charge my ds again. lol

  10. hey i have clubhouse games too. my code is 3436-9608-4256

  11. hey i dont know my code just yet but will post on here when i get it my game name will be TK tom 07 and will add your FC as soon as possible if that ok

    1. sup i play ds call of duty 5 im so bored addme name is DEAD-HUNTR FREND CODE IS 000231378540 I ADD ANY1

  12. Tony — just added you as well. Hope to see you (and everyone else) on CHG as soon as I get back to playing it — still busy with Picross DS at the moment 🙂

    Tom — I’ll be watching for your code. Hope to see you around!

    1. Do you have my MKDS or MK WII Friend Codes yet?

  13. my picross fc: 150424 069631

  14. sjwop — you’ve been added. 🙂

  15. hi

  16. how do you add a friend code?

  17. how do you add a friend code?

    depends on the game — which one are you asking about?

  18. i am adding you. my friend code is 5369 7293 0039.

  19. i added you diddy.

    mine is:


  20. Hi, I have Picross DS and my friend code is:

    030166 621193

    1. is that for the DSI or 3DS? oh, om Tom btw.

  21. Amanda — I’ve added you to Picross DS.

    DonkeyKong — I’ve added you to Diddy Kong Racing.

    Tom — which game is this code for? I tried adding you to Picross DS, Diddy Kong Racing, and Clubhouse Games, and all 3 said invalid code.

    1. are you refering to me or the other tom?

  22. ant one got acww ??



    1676 0767 7642

    please add me

  23. ive added u diddy on diddykong mine is 438188 715013

    1. I added you on Diddy Kong: Racing Ds. My friend code: 318226-241990

  24. if u guys want a real challenge add me my fc is 2191-4696-8137

  25. can i have your animal crossing wild world code?mine is 1504-2977-1353.

  26. sorry jenny.i didnt notice you before.

  27. i opened my door.sorry about the triple post.

  28. heres mine, i’m adding you 0215-7771-4318.

  29. steeve and jdg — what games are those codes for?

    matrok — I don’t currently have Animal Crossing, but feel free to put it up. If anyone else has Animal Crossing, post up your code as well.

  30. matrok, what is ur town name ??

  31. friend code for planet puzzle league:
    408128 237842

  32. Friend code for Picross DS: 292164 5293924

  33. Picross DS: 017286 703502

    Add me!

  34. Jim and Genevo — just added your codes.

    Phil — your code has an extra digit. Can you post up the correct one?

  35. dmunsie, I also added you… also Jim.

  36. Hi,
    Picross DS: 429603 913201

  37. Hi,
    Picross DS: 429603 913201

  38. Markus, add me…just added your code

  39. Ok Genevo I added you
    Any other wi-fi game codes?

  40. Friend code 4 custom robo arena ds
    4983 2025 2269

  41. Hi! I have Picross DS and my friend code is : 5197 9778 6289

  42. Hi! My friend code for Picross DS is :5197 9778 6289

  43. Kory.. add me… i just added you

  44. pokemon diamond fc: 3007 5613 1327
    ANYBODY can add me, and dmunise i added you. add me anybody! if anybody adds me, give me your fc.

    1. hi Amanda, whats up

  45. pokemon diamond fc: 3007 5613 1327
    ANYBODY can add me! give me your fc too. dmunise i added you, please add me!

  46. Diddy Kong Racing FC 021583-816754 Nickname is Mark

  47. hey any one have castlevania portrait of ruin i need some thick glasses

  48. any one even in the forum?

  49. k im goin to leave now cuz i dont think anyones here ill try to get on tommorow for anyone with castlevania portrait of ruin

  50. wow still nobody on this thing. anyone use this chat room thing?

  51. Hey, I added you!
    Picross DS. My friend code is 017290 784435.
    Anyone else can add me as well. ^_^

  52. Hey my names Natasha these r my codes ADD ME!!! and tell me

    Clubhouse Games — 5326 8732 1966

    Mario Kart DS — 214859 741020

    Planet Puzzle League — 232039 689012

    1. hi, im tom and i added you in mario kart ds. my friend code for that game is 0906 1036 9720 add me ok. thanks.

  53. natasha ill abb your maiokart code heres my code 3136 0291 5810

  54. my bad my mariokart code is 5455 2046 2216

    1. duo add me mine is 374118 299944.name:benjamin!:)

  55. Hiya 😀 My friend code is 438200 993662.
    To all of you who are posting here, please feel free to add me to your friend list.

    Happy gaming!


  56. Oh, and that is for PICROSS DS 😀

  57. Oh and my FC for Clubhouse Games is: 1847 8082 4690
    Anyone up for Backgammon, please add me. I’m an expert in real life 🙂

    Later and happy gaming!

  58. Picross: 107484211091

  59. Hey, I just got Clubhouse Games and I love it. I’ve added most people here, so please add me,
    name: Raptor E08
    code: 5155-1338-8893

  60. Sooooommmme one pleeeeease WIFI WITH ME ON MEHAMAN STAR FORCE!!!!

    Email me for my Friend code

  61. Pokemon Diamond 3265 3505 6503

  62. Hey! I play Pokemon Diamond, and my friend code is: 4339 1374 7688. Please add me to your pal pad!



    1. hi i play pokemon soul silver my freind code is 1334 3870 3608 if any one wants to battle leave me your freind code and email me austinbradbury@rocketmail.com

  63. BTW, I added you too, Amanda.

  64. My Picross ds code is


  65. i hope u don’t mind all with picross i added you

  66. here are all my wifi games and there friend codes add me and post your friend codes marokart 545520462216 zelda 360900821845 animal crossing avalon545522325078 metroid prime 463980034460 customrobo 189074432529 tankbeat 266411541126 o and the name for all of them is duo so add me and tell me

    1. hi duo, its tom. i have mario kart ds and my friend code for that is 0906 1036 9720 i added you so please add me too, if you can. thanks.

  67. Diddy kong Racing. my code is ; 536993-688864

  68. My picross code is 292180 283941 I have added everyone above me.

  69. My picross code is 000124 005888 I have added everyone above me.

  70. 219149081885
    Im usually on at night eastern time. Im mostly looking for the starter pokemon from red\blue, silver\gold, and the special pokemon from all versions ( i.e. mythical dogs, mew, mewtwo, drakari, ect.)

  71. my friend code for diddy kong racing friend code is:103172920088 my zelda phantom hourglass friend code
    is:506921488562 my animal crossing fc is:094588765004
    my tony hawk american skateland is:275002501928 my starfox command is:861127012671 i added every one from 2008

  72. i have pokemon my friend code is 1332 7299 2527 name:etminto

  73. Hi,
    I have added you guys in my DS, i like pokemon diamond, please add me my friend code is 2621 2336 9145.
    I have lvl 100 pokemons and am looking to trade.


    1. i am zachary would it be ok if i use your friend code

  74. hey I have picross and my code is 043080 112187

  75. my freind code is 060224 793902

  76. I have Pokemon Diamond
    My friend code is : 3823 8322 9755

  77. i need fried codes for clubhouse games

  78. how do you find oujt your friend code

  79. Britt

    0473 7560 0080

    Add MEE! LOL. I already added you!!


  81. I’ve got Picross Ds
    My Friend code is: 013017504795

  82. I have the following.

    Picross DS: 485489-233425
    Planet Puzzle League: 515523-180466
    Pokemon Diamond: 0387-8747-7815

  83. I made a typo. My Picross DS code is 485459-233425.

  84. Hi,

    I’ve added your friendcode for picross..
    My code is: 094606-595312


  85. i added you just now

    1. heyy add me my code is :. 335423350842

  86. nice my friend code for pokemon diamond is 2019 9485 1951 lets battle and have a lil fun XD

  87. and my name for my friend code is shaq


  89. but no really add me -_-||| FC:: 2019 9485 1951

  90. i will post my freind code tomarrow if u wantnto battel
    bring ur best u will lose

  91. i also have a wi fi gym if u beat me u get one of the 400 gym bages sent to u by e-male so post that to

  92. 4261 5716 2537 3000

    ive never played anybody online before but my pokemon are good i think so lets battle i guess

  93. 4261 5716 2537 3000

  94. 4261 5716 2537 3000

    ive never battled online before but my pokemon are good i think so lets battle i guess

  95. my pokemon diamond frand code is 4296-2059-2023 my name is justin

  96. tell me if you add me
    my pokemon diamond friend code
    is 4296-2059-2023 my name is justin on the game

  97. nathaniel my freind code for diidy kong racing is 305074-927399 so please add me i added you

  98. riley my freind code is 305074-927399 i added you so can you add me please for diddy kong racing

  99. Hey my friend code for pokemon diamond is:

  100. hehe a bit late.. jus inherited a DS 😀 add my ive got diddy kong racing fc: 408165901474
    ive added everyone above me

  101. I´ve added you in picross ds.
    My friend code is 537003 993066

  102. I´ve forgot one thing: if anyone wants, add me.

  103. Hey, I just want some girls.( Im a girl) so
    to add On My WifI connection, Im online Anytime,
    MSN me soon(ashley-emme@hotmail.com) ok check if your there
    Game: Diddykong Racing WifI
    Im On Right Now! June 1 2008* and I like Racing!
    I do have A youtube.. so please check that! Im glad someone likes to Race Im bored. i do Want Friends!
    I’ll ADD anyone IF your a Girl! i need One more FrIend,, Cya!

  104. Oh i did add James!

  105. email me at emacktheman@gmail.com to visit my city

    1. do you have phantom hourglass

  106. Code:2320-7482-2953

  107. Hi i really need some pokemon friends for trade, battle tower and mystery gifts

  108. its bloody twit again my friend code is 3394 5095 4549

  109. my name is stephen

  110. Heyas i play animal crossing my

    Fraind Code:2320-7482-2953
    Name: Roxy

    please come to my town and add me plz.

    Okay i’ll see you soon Bye Bye

  111. 373749801620

  112. 2835 9703 7837 pearl

  113. i can give any pokemon

  114. These games are so addicting. Anyone have wordjong?

    If so here is my friendcode for that…

    Wordjong: 1418 6140 3369
    Planet Puzzle League: 4296 4374 5327
    Picross:4124 4452 1437
    Pokemon Diamond: Name is Scarlet. Code is 2707 1206 1211

  115. go on pokemon diamond & or pearl and do wat u want

  116. let me know when

  117. add me name: tyler

  118. i just added u today. my friend code is 3781 1428 3262

  119. the name is CHRIS code is 3781 1428 3262

  120. I add u 2 when do u want 2 trade

  121. 2:30-9:30pm

  122. any time

  123. go on now pokemon

  124. do u have aim

  125. chris

  126. hey any one wanna trade or anything?because of so this is my friend code 2449 7176 0212! Giggle!!!

  127. nhu

  128. hey bloody twit i added you add me its rye

  129. now or10th

  130. rye

  131. fc agin is 2835 9703 7837 tyler

  132. sorry i havnt had enough time to check my blog tyler so did you add me or not because if so you wanna trade as soon as i add you?oh and just so you know im a girl yha i know creepy but trust im a cool one alright!

  133. i added u

  134. its cool that your a girl

  135. i don’t know any girl that play pokemon d p

  136. Hey i added …if anyone else adds me i will probably never check back again so plz if u do add me plz send ur name and friend codes to johnharkins@rocketmail.com

    F.C. 034516 946117
    name: Lyte

  137. if ur on rye let me konw

  138. im online if anyone else is

  139. my e-mail address is twinfish81@yahoo.com if you wanna battle let me know.

    1. hi joe, my email is mariocart5591@yahoo.com email your pokemon friend code from Pokemon Dimond Pokemon Pearl Pokemon Platinum Pokemon Heart Gold Pokemon Soul Silver and i’ll email my pokemon platinum friend code, ok. im ready for a battle.

    2. hey joe, do you have yahoo messenger? im just asking.

  140. hey my friend code is 4683 1007 8377 for diamond
    name is veridis i added you please add me.

    1. Hey add me for pokemon diamond this is my code 034636241124 nickname cheesie I already add you..

  141. my friend code for diddy kng racing ds:
    421073 075251

  142. i am on wifi right now and my friend code is 5112 3615 3049 and email me what time you want to battle me on wifi at natmc@sympatico.ca and the battle type is a level 100 single battle with no cheats like max stats or move modifier etc. i have already added your friend code. i am ranked number one in the wortld and even though i am ranked number on please don’t feel afraid to rtregister my friend code and battle me.and when you lose please don’t tur of your game . i won 121 battles on wifi and i lost 2 battles and i won 4 wirelessy and 0 wirelessly. please email me i am bored because nobody wants to battle me. 😦

  143. i am on wifi right now and my friend code is 5112 3615 3049 and email me what time you want to battle me on wifi at natmc@sympatico.ca and the battle type is a level 100 single battle with no cheats like max stats or move modifier etc. i have already added your friend code. i am ranked number one in the wortld and even though i am ranked number on please don’t feel afraid to rtregister my friend code and battle me.and when you lose please don’t tur of your game . i won 121 battles on wifi and i lost 2 battles and i won 4 wirelessy and 0 wirelessly. please email me i am bored because nobody wants to battle me. 😦 this friend code is for pokemon diamond.

  144. im getting a ds and call of duty 5 and my code is 123456789111 and name warlord

  145. hi, does anyone have animal crossing wild world? if so,
    my friend code is 2406-8704-5992 name:Kelly Town:Acri
    my gate is open if you understand what I mean.

  146. club house games-0302 34510357

  147. oh and hope to see you
    i go on at weekdays at 7:00 8:00 and 12:00 on weekends

  148. i am adding every one with the game Club House Games

  149. any1 here hav mph(metroid prime hunters) my fc is 4511 4304 7956

    1. hi this is a radom question. is (MPH) stand for Miles Per Hour? just kidding. haha. don’t answer this.

  150. add me then go on club house games

    my friend code is 0302-3451-0357

  151. clubhouse games my friend code is 5327 4950 0791 name:Im Fly

    I have added u guys

  152. do you have any madden gamed does anyone

  153. well anyone add me?plz?my friend code is 335178943339

  154. is no1 here?man……well i guess some1 well readit later!=] so..add me!!!!then ill add u!!!0-0

  155. I have mario kart ds. My freind code is 296-531-748-986. Thanks!

    1. hi im tom and im good at mario kart ds. i added you. here is my friend code: 0906 1036 9720 add me ok

  156. I have Diddy Kong Racing. My friend code is
    318010 651790.

    1. yo

  157. I just bought my new NDS Lite a few days ago, and I only have Clubhouse Games for now. I added your codes for Clubhouse Games. Here is mine:

    0774 – 9329 – 4311

  158. Hey, Surfmom. I was playing Darts with you last night! I’m new to NDS Lite and Clubhouse Games too. Would like to play again.



  159. i have clubhouse my code is 2020 4684 5757 i look forward to playing u

  160. Hi all!My name is Toddy and i’m in the UK.I play World at War Call Of Duty 4 regular and my friend code is-

  161. register me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. friend code is 2020 5487 3077

  163. also thats a code for diamond

  164. Yes i do please add me mines is0474 3628 7394

    1. mine is 416747757692

  165. yes I do mines is 0474 3628 7394 please add me and notify me when you add me

  166. Hey my names Ryan and my code is 3308-9225-2869

  167. Kristina add me i added you=)

  168. kristina ur code is wrong =(

  169. Mariokart – 292265324996
    Picross – 262201864002

    1. did you add me yet?

    2. hi Jacob, im tom. i added you to my mkfc. my fc is 0906 1036 9720 add me ok

  170. whats up guys, im cloud, the king at all games. if you guys wanna battle, here is my diddy kong racing ds friend code:481234977490…..and here is ultimate mortal kombat ds friend code: 021671899041…. see you on the race track and the battle field


    1. 476888166034

    2. You didn’t add me tho! i have clubhouse games! i don’t gave friends 😦 please add me!! my friend code is: 5472-6817-7058 im called Amelia and im a girl.

  172. mine is

  173. i dont have any girl’s friend code lol any girl want to add me? lol becuase it looks gay just battleing guys nd plus girls need chances

    pokemon diamond: 4812-6129-3299

  174. robbie, invalid friend code!

  175. I have Diddy kong heres my friend code:5327960025215

  176. sorry please take off the one zero thats between 6and2 only one!

  177. okay, i will add you as soon as i get a chance! 🙂

  178. picross 176329 933931

    1. here is my code first must trade need regigas rock or pikachu my code is 3953 7590 8661

    2. here is my code first must trade need regigas rock or pikachu my code is 3953 7590 8661 this is for pokmon pearl

  179. i have clubhouse games. my friend code is 4340 3559 3875. add me!

    1. 476888166034

  180. hey is anyone playing COD 5 or 6 or metroid prime hunters at the moment just reply if u r

    1. I play Call Of Duty 5 on the ds, my name is either JXDXM or Just Glich. I’ll help u learn the glitches for almost every map and ill kick your butt sometimes too, lol. I play it everyday between 4:00 and midnight Eastern Standard Time. Heres my code: 240775199765 and someone gimme a friend code for this game, thx 😀

  181. HEY to ma mortal kombat fan. i tried to add ur friend codes but it seem to be invalide. here is my friend code for (MORTAL KONBAT) 4039 8421 1814. I luv a challange! e-mail me with your friend code so that i can add u guys 2. E-mail..(pretty_b16@hotmail.com) lets have fun!!!

  182. srry, i will recheck my friend code. i also have hotmail : cloudthegamekiller@hotmail.com

  183. sorry buddy, yours say invalid friend code

  184. I play Call Of Duty 5 on the ds, my name is either JXDXM or Just Glich. I’ll help u learn the glitches for almost every map and ill kick your butt sometimes too, lol. I play it everyday between 4:00 and midnight Eastern Standard Time. Heres my code: 240775199765 and someone gimme a friend code for this game, thx 😀

  185. my friend code on animal crossing wild world is 038911701412

  186. please add me and post yours if you added me

  187. i got club house games friend code is 3825-1525-3287 name is david

    1. 476888166034 add it

  188. Add me people for pokemon diamond my code is 034636241124 my nickname is cheesie

    1. i have pokemon pearl and cheesie i added you 176452067034

    2. nobody whants to add my pokemon code please add me and tell me

  189. my freind cod is 3181 0952 8605

  190. my friend code for clubhouse games is 3181 0952 8605
    yes im new!

    1. 476888166034 add it

  191. my friend code for clubhouse games is 1377 2268 5971

    1. Hey Kali, this is Tom. I will be getting clubhouse games soon. btw is it for the DS Lite or the DSI?

  192. hey

    1. hello. how are you?

  193. Any have metroid prime hunters friend code

  194. I play custom robo arena if anybody wants to play and also get PWND then give me their friend code mine is090542683677 i have best robos but still lose often to stark anyway gimme ur frfiend code and well rock out

  195. hi i got two different friend codes for each two games: diddy kong racing ds fc:069070925115 mario kart ds:434142574896 for those of you that have two of these games register me please

    1. cody ill add you heres my code for mario cart ds 361106620805 thancks for trying

      1. hi joey, this is tom. i added you. here is my mkfc 0906 1036 9720 add me ok.

    2. hi cody, its tom. my fc for mkds is 0906 1036 9720 i added you. add me too ok.

  196. im new here and my ingame name for mario kart ds is Cody/Corey

    1. hi cody, this is tom. what is your friend code for mario kart ds? mine is 0906 1036 9720 add me ok and i will add you.

  197. let me know if you register me i be on here each and every day i love making new friends i already got you all

  198. my ingame name for diddy kong racing ds is CODY

  199. This is really fascinating, You are a very professional blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to in the hunt for more of your magnificent post. Additionally, I have shared your website in my social networks

    1. do u have mario kart ds

      1. i have mario kart ds

  200. did anybody add me as a friend in mario kart ds and diddy kong racing ds yet. if the answers no please do so i got no friends playing agiants me yet.

    1. Sorry, dont have mario kart or diddy kong

    2. i have mario kart ds

    3. what is your Mario Kart DS Friend Code?

  201. my friend code for mario kart ds is 159286 429669

  202. Add me my name is EA’mon and my fc is 3611-6180-0346 on pokemon diamond just somebody add me please

    1. Hey i add you now… add me to..

  203. mine is 086037875515

  204. add me mine iz 0688~6372~7293, ill add urs

  205. Hello! this site’s CSS is broken in my Opera. I think you should check it. great post tho.

  206. add me 361106620805 my name is joey

  207. jazzy can you add me fc:361106620805 thancks

  208. mairo cart ds code

  209. you probabbly have enough people by now that added themselves but here is my friend code for the mario kart DS:
    (if anyone else wants to add themselves feel free to do so)

    1. hi mirekelite, im tom. i added you to mario kart ds. here is my friend code. it’s 0906 1036 9720 add me ok. thanks.

  210. i added you mirekelite56 and i have mario cart ds please add me

  211. Add my friend code:
    MARIO KART DS: 142148 934891

    1. my nick name is Rennan

    2. hi im tom. i added you. my mario friend code is 0906 1036 9720 add me ok

  212. hello, is anyone out there? i like mario kart ds. my friend code is 0906 1036 9720 add me ok mario kart racers and i will add you too.

  213. my LoZ: PH FC: Scorch95 1679-2535-8262

  214. hi i have Mario Kart DS and this is my Friend Code: 0906-1036-9720 give me your MKDSFC so we can race. oh, the name is The Best!!

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  218. Hi can someone add me please? my friend code is 5472-6817-7058

  219. Send a message to my email if you have added me and send your codes btw im club house games! amelia12@gazeta.pl

  220. i have no friends D=

    1. hi Amelia, im Tom. how are you doing today?

  221. Im doing good Tom thanks how are you?? can you add me my friend code is somewhere ubove ^

    1. i dont have club house games. sorry about that. what do you do every day? you can email me at mariocart5591@yahoo.com too if you like.

    2. what other games do you have?

  222. I have Rayman 3D eerr and others what games do you have Tom?

    1. well, i have Mario Kart DS, all of the Pokemon versons, and Sonic Rush Adventues.

  223. Btw i have a 3ds.

    1. i dont have a 3DS yet but soon i will be getting one.

    2. when did you get a N3DS? just woundering.

  224. i dunno xD whats your friend code try adding me to ur friend list.

    1. what’s clubhouse games about again? i forgot.

  225. its me remember?

  226. Amelia remember????!!! its me.

    1. sorry, i didn’t reconize your new name. do you have my email?

    2. amelia, do you have any Wii games?

  227. my email is amelia12@gazeta.pl i share with bro so……. and no i dont even have a wii im getting 1 chaned back to amelia join animal jam lol im called Rockhopper65631 -Member- lol.

    1. is it Club House Games or Animal Jam? you should email me. its mariocart5591@yahoo.com

  228. on the computer go on animal jam then u register then add me Rockhopper65631

    1. i’ll try to go on to animal jam when i can

    2. i have Clubhouse games now but i dont have wifi

  229. Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with SEO?
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    1. your not amelia, are you?

  230. Hi, name Iann, i add everyone in mario kart, just add me back, 515837-010237

    1. Hi, i’m Tom. I don’t have wifi right now but soon I will be getting my own router so I can have wifi. I will add you in for Mario Kart when I have wifi, ok.

  231. Tom its me Amelia remember!? Wel Animal Jam is a game on the laptop/computer so…. well i’m gonna play it Tom your really kind. xx

    1. well, thank you. i am kind, i guess. i like you. your a sweet girl.

      1. Ty ❤

  232. R u doing anything special?

  233. Erm, Y-y-yea! My friend on tfm (computer game/laptop.) He came to England. Well spendin’ time Heh

    1. im always busy so i dont get on the computer that much.

  234. Oh. make transformice on the computer/laptop lol so we can chat c: its cool!. whats ur friend code i wanna add you to my friend list.

    1. when I have a chance 2 go onto wifi, I’ll tell u my friend code. Its Club House Games, right?

    2. I have my FC for Club House Games now. Do u want my FC?

  235. I’ve read some excellent stuff here. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how a lot attempt you set to make this kind of great informative website.

  236. Yea plz ty

    1. ok. mine is 3655-1606-8239. what is ur FC for Club House Games?

  237. On oct 21, 2011 10:37 pm frankiestien wrote: to get 50,000,000 coins and 5 years free membership then you need to follow the instructions 1. Log off club penguin 2. Press f12 4 times 3. Post this onto 5 different places on here 4. Log back onto club penguin 5. You can do everything you ever wanted to do once you have logged back on you will have 50,000,000 coins and 5 years

    1. i dont have club penguin, so thats useless to me. besides, i dont like club penguin anyways.

  238. Don’t u remember me? u called me a sweet gurl :3

    1. i do remember you. i said it to resident evil deadly silence rom. not u Amelia.

    2. you are sweet.

  239. mine is 043382-689443

    1. Sweet. I will add you as soon as posable. Thanks Levi.

  240. This design is incredible! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained.
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    1. Who r u again?

  241. hey i have phantom hourglass my fc is 120 704 763 282 add me iussually play around 7 or 8

  242. i wish spirit tracks had wifi. it would be a lot better cause four peple could play

    1. I don’t have those games. Sorry.

  243. Hi Tom Missed You

    1. I missed you too Amelia. Where have you been?

  244. Tom whats your clubhouse games code??

    1. I don’t have the game with me but I will tell you my FC tommarrow.

    2. Hi amelia, my FC for CHG is 3655-1606-8239. What is your FC?

  245. try gettin a nintendo 3ds and yh u will get friend codes yh its epic

    1. I might get one for my birthday coming up in october.

    2. i don’t have a 3ds but i will be getting one soon i hope.

    3. hey Amelia, i havent talked to you in a while. whats up?

    4. hey. i haven’t talked to you in a long time. what’s going on?

    5. I might get a 3DS soon

    6. hi amelia, i havent talked to you in a long time. i got a 3DS now and i have Mario Kart 7. what games do you have?

  246. anybody pls reply me for games friend code.only ask mario kart and mario and sonic at the olypic winter games.more games willbe in my ds soon

    1. I do have Mario Kart DS. Do you want my Friend Code?

  247. i have spore hero arena and nobody plays it.

    1. i don’t have that game. sorry.

  248. Hey pokemon gamers here is my code 069170971659

    1. what verson do you have?

      1. Diamon!

      2. What is your fc?? In pokemon

  249. Hey guys add me plss i have pokemon diamond:069170971659 plsss…

  250. 069170971659 thats my code plss add me.. do come visit again!

  251. what do you have?

  252. china here mine is 4871 4245 6600

    1. what Friend Code is that? i mean, what game does ot belong to?

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  254. TOM! LONG TIME NO SEE!! wats ur fc on ur nintendo 3ds??! mine is 5472-6817-7058
    plz add me! wuts ur fc? check on friend list and tell me and add me c:

    1. Mine is 4957 – 3621 – 4459 add me. I will add you.

  255. added u tom!!! and do u have animal crossing new leaf? if u dont u should get it we can meet in towns c: and we will get the chance to talk to eachother c:

    1. i will be on at 2:30 pm my time

  256. gettin mk7 for christmas ill race u!

    1. Cool. i can’t wait to see who the best racer is. lol

  257. anyways, whats up?

    1. nothing really. just playing my 3DS games.

  258. мεггγ χмας!i ισι

    1. Merry Christmas to you too. so, what games did you get for Christmas? anything good?

    2. hi amelia do you have mario kart?

  259. Mario kart code :429959 714861

    1. Hi. Do you have Mario Kart 7? Because I do.

  260. its ordered but it didnt come

    1. do you have a pendrive.You can put you 3DS memory card in the pendrive to receive Free ROMS FROM the internet

  261. mario kart ds FC: 262448375978

  262. Hiya Tom! PLEASE add me!
    Mario Kart DS FC:305416611378
    Talk 2 me soon!(my real name is Skyblue)


  263. Hey Tom! Its me again. You can call me Sky. Thats what I prefer. I added you! How old are you?

    1. hey Sky. ill add you when i can, ok. I’m 31 years old. how old are you?

      1. oh! thats a surprise. im 14

      2. but we can still race right? im sorta grounded from my DSi right now but i get it back on firday im on at 700-800 oclock if ya feel like racing

    2. hey. my MKDS FC is 0476-6332-9929 add me ok

      1. are you talking to me because i already did add you and im still waiting for you to add me and im free on friday nite and saturday nite before 10:00pm got it? man! i still cant believe that you are 31 years old oop the bell rang i have to get to class. bye tom

      2. why arent you answering me? are you dead or something?

    3. sky what game do yo have.I kinda bored wih m DS playing alone.I cannot go wifi through

  264. hello

    1. im here. did you want my MKDS FC

      1. yeah

      2. let’s try DS DOWNLOAD PLAY OR DS WIRELESS PLAY.say ready if you want to start.ONLY TODAY or tomorrow?

  265. hi.Somebody give me your FC.I later check mines because adding some games.

    1. or go scroll to bottom look at my replys

  266. My gta ctw friend code is 129322799021

  267. Do you have animal crossing wild world codes? Because I would love to play with some one 🙂

    1. Hi. This is Tom. I don’t have animal crossing. Sorry 😦

  268. Hey add me. Mine is 163683474686 don’t have Wifi yet though.

    1. Is that for the 3DS or what?

  269. 2423-4937-9878

  270. Hey lezabeth, how are you today

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