Atari Code


Here is my only Atari 2600 demo I’ve ever wrote. It’s a 3D Copper bar demo that I adapted for the 2600 from a GBA demo. I’m actually using the exact same effect as the GBA demo on the 2600. Of course, the 2600 is a bit more challenging since you have 128 bytes of RAM and enough video RAM to hold half a scanline (I’m not kidding here… half a scanline). Sorry about the filename — it needs to be renamed when downloading since doesn’t seem to allow .asm as a file extension when uploading.



  1. hey, something wrong with access permission. cannot download .asm

    1. @Dmitry I was able to download it just now. It downloads as a .txt file which you can rename to 3dcopper.asm once you’ve downloaded it.

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