Sorry about the lack of posts

I’ve been busy lately, and haven’t had much time to post. I’ve been working on a few things, and I hope to be able to post them soon. Also, I’ve been able to dig up some more code from a few machines around the house. I have some more drives to look at, but I’ll probably have to write some code to get the data off it (of course, that isn’t a bad thing 😀

BTW — was anyone else slightly disappointed with the WWDC keynote? I guess I really shouldn’t be — Leopard is going to be a very nice release. But, of the ten features talked about, only 3 of them would be considered new features. And, IMO, most of those features were more about the user end of things rather than the developer end. I would’ve loved to hear more about the LLVM rumblings, the whole ZFS thing, maybe even some more info on how Apple is going to help game developers — otherwise, why bring EA and id up on stage?

And, Safari on Windows is still puzzling — I completely understand why QuickTime and iTunes are on Windows. But, Safari is a standards compliant browser — just like Firefox and others for the most part. How does having Safari on Windows do anything to convince the remaining websites to be more standards compliant than what Firefox is doing? But, in the end, having more competition in the web browser space is a good thing, I guess.

On the plus side, Safari 3 is looking like a nice solid release. It’s the little things that I keep running into — the ability to resize text boxes is neat. The enhanced find functionality. The ability to re-arrange tabs and pull them out into separate windows. The better compatibility with some websites — including None of these is a killer feature, and none of these are exclusive to Safari. But, considering that I use Safari for 99% of my web browsing, it’s very nice to see these kinds of enhancements.

And one more thing — the biggest non-announcement to me had to be the 3rd party applications on the iPhone bit. Of course with a full web browser on the iPhone, you would be able to leverage standard AJAX to make apps that look like they belong on the iPhone. But you certainly are not writing a SIP client, or a game, or a media player. Or anything else that might be more useful.

I’m now awaiting the announcement from Apple where they say there are “millions of applications available for the iPhone”, because you can connect up to any website on the web. Oh bother.


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