No Bingo!

Has anyone else been watching ABC’s new show, National Bingo Night? It’s just your typical TV game show — but you get to play along at home as well by going to ABC’s website and printing a set of 3 bingo cards. It’s actually quite fun, but as usual with bingo, I haven’t won anything yet.

The interesting part is the games they have the contestants play. Almost all of them seem skewed against the contestant so blatenly that you end up feeling really sorry for them. There just seems to be no way for them to win. And, out of the 6 contestants so far, only 2 of them have won anything. The rest of the games were won by one of the 200 audience members. Ouch.

The host of the show is Ed Sanders from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. While I think that he’s fantastic in that show, I think he might be out of his element in NBN. Of course, there have only been 2 episodes so far, so he might improve greatly after a while.

Also, I wish that they would mix it up a bit — right now, if either the contestant wins their prize (as unlikely as that is) or one of the audience members calls bingo, it’s all over for that card. On the first episode, the last contestant had won pretty quickly, and it just seemed unlikely that anyone would’ve been able to call bingo at that point. But, since the bingo cards are really a random drawing instead of real bingo, they had to give out a card with all of the numbers called that made up a bingo to at least someone.

I do wonder why ABC felt it was necessary to put this on at 9:00 on Friday night — this is a show my entire family enjoys, but by the end of it, I’ve inherited a bingo card or two as the younger kids have fallen asleep. And to be honest, I’m a bit sleepy by then as well.

I think with a bit of tweaking, ABC is going to have a pretty good show to watch/play with the family. Though, I dunno how well it will do with the upcoming summer months — I’m hoping it makes it through to the fall season, unlike so many other shows introduced in the Spring.


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