Waiting Is The Hardest Part…

Not much really going on lately. Just waiting for my copy of Ouendan 2 to ship — amazing to how in less than one year I’ve gone from never heard about Ouendan to having played and beaten both Elite Beat Agents and Ouendan and now anxiously awaiting the sequel.

For those of you not familiar with either EBA or Ouendan, I would highly recommend checking them out. If you happen to be in the US, I believe that you can still try out EBA at the DS Download Stations. If not, you can get a new copy for around $30 or less.

In other news, can anyone explain why every emulator for the DS (running on the DS — not emulating the DS) is in a half finished state? I just checked out the SNES emulator for the DS, and both games I tossed at it wouldn’t run (Mario’s Picross and Picross NP Vol. 1). At least the sound seemed to work — which brings me to the second emulator I tried. Lameboy is a GameBoy emulator for the DS. It seems to work pretty well, except that there is no sound, and the speed is too fast. Now, I can’t be too hard on this one — apparently it didn’t even exist a few weeks ago. But it continues the trend of unfinished emulators being released for the DS….

As for my own emulator project — well, I haven’t released it yet, so that should tell you about it’s current state. I’ve been hoping to get back to it soon here. I have quite a few ideas on how to speed it up, and I just haven’t had the chance to work on it (of course with Ouendan 2 I’ll have even less of a chance to work on it…)


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