Picross DS Coming To The US?

Picross DS BoxThe Internets are rumbling about a possible US version of Picross DS. GameStop has put up a rather generic looking game page that seems to be the right game. And even GameFAQs has added a US release date to it’s game data page. The only place where we’re not seeing anything is from NOA.

It sure would be nice if it’s true — I think Picross should get another shot at glory here in the US. Everyone has now been introduced to Sudoku, and IMO, Picross is just as good or better.

Even better is the price GameStop has it listed for — $19.95 — same as Brain Age and Big Brain Academy. If this price is true, we will probably see tons of copies of Picross everywhere and maybe even a marketing campaign as well. Hopefully it pays off for Nintendo and we see more games like this in the future.

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