Enough With “Teh Shiny” Already!

I’m looking at you, Apple and Nintendo — and countless other imitators as well.

I’ve had enough with everything having to be shiny these days. The DS Lite being the biggest annoyance for me these days. I would rather have products that don’t look dirty after minutes of normal usage. The MacBook is another big offender in this area as well, along with my wife’s cell phone and of course the iPod. Even computer displays are going shiny — have you ever seen one that’s been used by someone who likes to touch their screen? Ugh…

Between the DS Lite, MacBook, the phone, and other devices, I feel like I end up spending this large chunk of my time cleaning/polishing these devices. Sure, I don’t spend hours on it. But, every time I pick up that DS Lite to play for a few minutes, I’ll almost certainly spend a few seconds either rubbing it with my shirt or some other cloth. I really don’t feel like cleaning every time I want to play a game!

Why can’t there be a matte option for these devices? What’s wrong with durable black instead of grubby black? I know Nintendo and Apple can still make a matte finish — the insides of both the DS Lite and the MacBook are matte, along with the backside of the DS Lite. If the whole device was made this way, I would be a much happier person in regards to that system. Does anyone else miss the matte days? I will at least say this, the shiny is much better than painted plastic, but give me a matte finish any day over either of those.

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