Mini Review: Gunpey DS

Gunpey DS Box ArtI picked up Gunpey DS yesterday over lunch. It’s a quirky little puzzle game designed by the late Gunpei Yokoi, designer of the original Game Boy and Virtual Boy.

The idea in the game is to take pieces with diagonal lines or v-shaped lines and place them so that they connect from one side to the other. You can move lines vertically, but not horizontally. Every time a new set of lines enter the screen, you get a random selection of the lines and empty spaces. It’s this aspect that makes the game challenging, since sometimes you have to wait a while for a piece that completes the overall line.

As for visuals, it’s about what you would expect for a puzzle game — nothing earth shattering, but it’s pretty easy on the eyes. The controls are great — you can either play it with the stylus or with the d-pad. Both modes feel natural, unlike other games where the stylus controls feel like a late addition just to satisfy a marketing requirement.

The game offers quite a few game modes, along with a multiplayer version as well. You can also send a demo version of the game to a friend (something, btw, that I think every DS game should do).

The game is pretty fun, and at current prices, well worth it — I paid $7.50 at Target. I’m sure you can find it someplace near you for around the same price.


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