Either he’s absolutely brilliant…

or absolutely crazy. Who am I talking about? Why, of course.

For those not following along (and how could I blame you for not), I’m talking about Why’s (Poignant) Guide To Ruby — a fun to read book on Ruby. After reading through a bit today, I’ve found myself laughing a lot. I could only hope to be able to write prose like Why one day.

As for Ruby, I’m intrigued — I’ve done some little projects in Python before. Nothing too much. I’m mostly a meat and potatoes kind of guy — i.e, C/C++ with some Java and Assembly tossed in for good measure. But, seeing things like Ruby On Rails is quite impressive. On an aside, nice screencasts… why can’t all Open Source projects do things like that? I would love to see a good MythTV screencast.

But other than RoR, what is Ruby being used for? Is it worth learning Ruby if you already have some Python under your belt? Is there something in Ruby that makes all other languages look like rubbish? I guess I’m just trying to justify spending more time with Ruby over other languages. I want to like Ruby more, I just don’t know why I should like Ruby more.

As usual, if you want to talk more about this, feel free to post a comment below. I promise I won’t bite — at least, not very hard.

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