CompUSA Is Scaling Back

Sometimes I just wonder about the logic some companies use — apparently, CompUSA is going through a restructuring and as a part of that, they are going to close over half of their stores across the country, including 7 of 8 in the Boston area.

Now, sure, I don’t care a lot for CompUSA. They certainly haven’t shown me any love over the past 10 years. But, they did have a purpose — when you needed a “insert random computer item here”, they were very convenient. It certainly didn’t hurt that they were less than a couple of miles from the house. Everytime I went to the place, it certainly had people there — but, admittedly, it didn’t look like they were selling a lot of high end items.

What I really want to know is this — how can a chain of stores, that are dedicated to selling computer equipment and software, falter on the fabled Massachusetts Route 128 loop? I mean, we have techheads coming out of the woodwork here. Lots of people that need that random “insert computer item here” at all times of the day. And, apparently, CompUSA failed at the one thing that they should be doing well, at one of the places where it should be easy to do well.

I guess it’s no big loss that they’re closing then. If they can’t do well here, hopefully someone else will move in that can.


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