New Phone!

Yay, after suffering 2 years with the Audiovox CDM-8600 that Radio Shack sold us, we finally upgraded to new phones. I wanted something that was durable and would work well in our limited reception area. I ended up choosing the Motorola V325i. Everything I’ve read online so far has been positive. I am very impressed with this phone so far.

I’ve been playing with it a bit this afternoon to see what I can do with it — Verizon has manage to lock down some functionality, but has left a few things as well. So, first things first — I wanted to see if I could upload a custom wallpaper pic to the phone. Using BitPim, I was able to connect to the phone using USB. There isn’t a specific model listed for the V325i, but the generic CDMA phone setting works just fine.

If you navigate to /motorola/shared/picture, you’ll find where all of your photos and wallpapers are stored (btw, yes, you can download your pics over the USB cable, contrary to what I was told at the Verizon store). Now, my first thought was to simply upload a picture to the directory. But, doing that leads to an invalid picture icon when trying to choose the new wallpaper. I was stumped for a bit on this point, until I tried sending up a copy of one of the pics I had taken on the phone as a different name. It didn’t work either — which means that there must be some other file on the device that lists off pictures that can be used as wallpaper.

Well, instead of trying to find that file and attempting to hack it, I tried another approach — I just deleted one of the pics I had taken, and then re-uploaded my pic with that name. It worked! Now a couple of quick points — the file that I uploaded was also a JPEG, and I had already resized it to 480×640 ahead of time. I do not know if it will work if you don’t resize it. Also, there are .bmp and .gif files in the picture directory, but I do not know if you can replace one of those. If you try, you probably want to back up the files first.

One bad thing I found — all the ringtones are located in the /motorola/shared/audio directory, but it appears that Verizon has locked this directory down. Bad Verizon! If I can find a way to reflash this device, I’ll probably try it. I’m not too fond of having to choke over cash for glorified MIDI files — especially since I have the MIDI files for my previous phone’s ringtones that I already paid for.

I’m still trying to get iSync to work with this phone — I was able to find a plugin for the V325 phone for iSync 2.2, but it looks like Apple and/or Motorola has made some significant changes for iSync 2.3 and the V325i. If I manage to get it working, I’ll make sure to share it. If anyone else happens to have it working, please comment below — I would love to hear how.


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