Guitar Hero

So, the rumor mill says that Guitar Hero is coming to the Wii and the DS… is this a good thing or not, it’s too early to tell. I can tell you, though, that the Wii controller by itself is not a suitable replacement for the SG Controller. Red Octane is going to have to do some 3rd party controller magic with the Wii if the game is going to have any success. Maybe they can have a guitar that you slide the remote into, connecting through the port on the bottom? They wouldn’t have to provide the accelerometer, since the remote all ready has 3 of them.

As for the DS, I’m really having a tough time imaging this one — this can only be Guitar Hero in name, right? Because the big point of the game is to hold a guitar in your hand, and rock out. Holding a stylus in your hand and tapping the screen, which can be fun, is not Guitar Hero.

BTW — I managed to pickup a copy of Guitar Hero 2 today. Traded in the GameCube and the GameBoy Player and took GH2 in exchange. Not a bad trade, IMO.


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