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So, yesterday was my birthday, and as a gift, my DS decides to freak me out. For those who haven’t experienced turning on your DS on your birthday, let me assure you that your speakers are not broken. As cute as it was, couldn’t they just put up a picture of a birthday cake instead? 🙂

NSMBAs for the real gifts, my family bought me the New Super Mario Bros. which is the first new real 2D Mario game since Super Mario World for the SNES. Since Nintendo has sold 8.5 million copies of this game, I’m probably one of the few people that hadn’t actually played this game on their DS. But, just in case there are more just like me, let me say this — if you liked Mario games on the NES and the SNES, you need to buy this game. It is pure Mario 2D side scrolling fun. My only complaint (hey, I have to have at least one, right?) is that you can only save at certain points. While this adds to the retro feel of the game, it certainly detracts from the portability of it. It was one thing to leave your NES on when you had to go to school while playing Super Mario Bros. 3, but it’s another thing to have to leave your DS sleeping while busy doing other things (ahem, like work).

Moving right along, one of my other gifts was Lock & Lock 6oz container. These are all the rage in the Geocaching scene, which is where I first found out about them. As it turns out, the 6oz container happens to be the perfect size for holding DS and GBA games. You can fit about 8 GBA cartridges in one container, or more importantly for me, you can hold about 32 DS games with space for 2 more GBA carts, or 16 DS games with space for 5 more GBA carts. Very nice container for those of us with large DS game collections. The only place online that I can find the 6oz variety is here — you can almost certainly do better by checking out Target or one your local grocery stores. The 6oz one is usually part of a package with a couple of other sizes as well.


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