Where is the DS Lite?

ds liteI’ve been spending the past week on and off trying to locate a Nintendo DS Lite. If you haven’t noticed, they are sold out everywhere. And I mean everywhere — Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, and CompUSA are all sold out.

If you take a look on craigslist, you’ll likely find people selling DS Lites for $200. This is the same price that they were selling before Christmas. What is up with the demand for this system?

Nintendo must be very happy with DS Lite sales the past couple of months. According to the NPD sales numbers for November, Nintendo sold 918,000 DS units (presumably, most of those would be the DS Lite, and not the older DS since Nintendo no longer makes that model). In December, they sold 309,630 Lites in a single week in Europe. I would probably guesstimate that the total worldwide sales of the DS Lite at least topped 4 million between November and December. Which is absolutely amazing, to say the least.

But, what I’m wondering now is where is all of the demand still coming from? Christmas is over, and even the PS3 is showing back up in stock. The DS Lite can’t remain forever out of stock — but when is it going to be back in stock again?


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