Best Buy… Why Do You Torture Me?

So, now that Christmas has come and gone, I’ve started my search for a Onyx DS Lite of my own (see the previous post for why I don’t have one). And being that I have a gift card for Best Buy, I figured that I would check with them first. And what better place to check something than on their website?

Well, actually, a better place to check would be each store — see, their website hasn’t caught up with 2006 yet (actually, it’s more like 2000), and when you look up an item (like the Onyx DS Lite), it simply says sold out. Well, that doesn’t see quite right… I mean, there has to be at least one Best Buy in all of the US that has a DS Lite in stock, right? And, they get more items on a somewhat regular basis, so there should be an update of some sort.

Contrast this with the CompUSA site (or GameStop, for that matter) — for any item, you can find out if any of the stores in your area has it. The CompUSA site is a bit more specific than the GameStop one in that it will tell you how many of the item it actually has, while GameStop will simply tell you that there are 1-3 copies. But, both sites are infinitely more useful than the Best Buy website.

What I don’t understand is that most likely there is a system inside of Best Buy that for any product, they can find out how many they have on shelves, how many are in the warehouse, how many are on order, and how many are in transit to each store. Why can’t they spend some time making at least some of that info available on their website?

BTW, calling their toll free number yielded a similar experience — the lady on the phone was attempting to be very helpful, but despite her best effort, she couldn’t tell me anything other than what was on the website.

It seems that it would be in Best Buy’s and their customer’s best interest to make this information available via their site — at the very least, it might save a bunch of calls from customers like myself asking if they got any new DS Lites today.


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