The GBA is officially on life support… or is it?

I just saw a craig-ign’s blog posting about the GBA version of Downhill Jam vs the Wii and DS versions. That is horrible looking. It’s really surprising to see how the game translated from the Wii to the GBA — especially considering how well Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 translated from the PlayStation to the GBA. And that was a launch title!



Sure, it’s not perfect. But at least it doesn’t make you want to claw out your eyeballs everytime you look at it 🙂 Which makes me wonder what the developers that were assigned to the GBA version of Downhill Jam were doing? I completely understand that the GBA certainly isn’t as cabable as the DS. But, honestly, some of those 2600 games looked better than the GBA version of Downhill Jam

On another note, according to Ars Technica, the lowly GBA sold 641,000 units in November in the US. Overall, it was only bested by the DS and the now 6 year old PlayStation 2. If you add in the 918,000 DS units sold, there was a total of 1,559,000 units sold in November that can run GameBoy Advance games. Not too shabby.

Now, if a 5 year old handheld system can still be selling so well when it’s on it’s deathbed, why can’t developers put just a little more effort into it’s final games?


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