PS3 update and arrival of the Wii

I just got the HDMI->DVI cable in, and I attempted to use it with one of our flat panel monitors we have here. No luck — I was greeted with a black screen. So, either something in the monitor or the PS3 isn’t liking sending video over HDMI to a DVI monitor. I’m going to attempt trying it with another monitor later this week. This one only has two resolutions that it supports — 1366×768 and 640×480 — so it’s possible that might be throwing off the PS3.

On another note, we got our Wii in the office. Not much to say really — this isn’t the first Wii that we’ve had in the office (thanks Evan!), so there wasn’t as much interest in it this time around. But, we did get two games with the Wii — Call of Duty 3 and Rampage: Total Destruction. I haven’t really tried out Call of Duty 3 yet, so I’ll refrain from commenting on it.

But Rampage: Total Destruction is a different story. I am not impressed at all with this game. They’ve managed to take a fun game franchise and turn it into something that decidedly feels like work. I really liked how it was really easy to get into the game quickly in the original — something that they removed completely from this version. You use the nunchuck to walk around and and the buttons to jump and punch. Not too bad. But, you also use the remote to whack things (though, in practice, I didn’t see much whacking happening) and to stomp on things (again, the amount of stomping that actually happens is entirely subjective).

According to this GameStop review (which may have been a bit kind in it’s overall assessment), the original arcade games are included as well. I had sworn that I wouldn’t actually put the game back in the system, but after hearing that, I might give it one more chance. It’s no wonder that this recycled GameCube game was selling for $30 on launch…


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