PS3 First Thoughts

My boss just purchased a PS3 (and a Wii too — that’ll be saved for another post) for us to try at the office. I thought I would toss out my observations on the new toy:

  • It’s big — I mean, I thought the original PS2 was big (I have the slim model myself), but the PS3 takes it to a whole new level. At least it feels like it should cost $600… Also, I wouldn’t recommend putting it anywhere where it could fall on small animals or children — it’s likely to cause a trip to the hospital/vet, or even worse… it is by far the heaviest console I’ve ever seen.
  • It came with a Blue-Ray movie (Talladega Nights), which is a nice touch. The movie selection could’ve been better, but for a free pack-in, you can’t complain too much.
  • The SIXAXIS controller really isn’t that much lighter than a DualShock 2. We had the two side by side, and it wasn’t really that much different.
  • It only comes with a composite cable — really, Sony, would it have been that difficult to pack in a Component cable with the thing? This is supposed to be an HD console. At least pack in a cable that allows it to be used in HD.
  • It came with firmware 1.00, and when we put in Resistance: Fall Of Man, it updated to 1.02. Once we connected it to the Internet, it updated again to 1.11.
  • What is up with the lack of background downloading? Luckily, we have an XBox 360 in the office as well to play while downloading demos on the PS3. Ironically, we spent more time playing the 360 than the PS3 today because of that.

Overall, it seems like a nice piece of hardware. We’re going to attempt to put Linux on it sometime this week — just waiting on a HDMI->DVI cable to arrive. I’ll probably bring in a few PS1 and PS2 games tomorrow just to see how bad (or good) the compatibility is on the PS3 (though, sadly, I won’t be bringing in Guitar Hero because of the lack of a real PS1/2 controller port 😦 ).

BTW — I really like how nice the 720P video looks over the HDMI connection. On the same TV, the 360 has a slightly softer look to it over the component video. Also, having a single connection for video and audio is a definite plus. If only we didn’t need to have HDCP coming along for the ride, I would be completely happy.


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