Beatles Love

I picked up a copy of the new Beatles mash-up, Love, this weekend. At first I was pretty skeptical. I mean, I already have all of their albums, the 3 Anthology albums, and even the re-hashed #1 and Yellow Submarine albums. I passed on Let It Be… Naked because I didn’t really want another copy of an album I already have.

So, what made me buy Love? Well, it’s a very well done remix of the entire Beatles catalog. Songs flow freely into one another — you catch little bits of familiar songs weaving themselves in and out of songs in ways that you couldn’t imagine. One that particularly caught my ear was Within You Without You — I never cared much for the original version, it just wasn’t my thing. But, when blended together with Tomorrow Never Knows, it really makes a very interesting song.

My only real complaint is that the later portion of the album seems to lose it’s mash-up quality and go into re-hash mode — there really isn’t much different about A Day In The Life, Hey Jude, and All You Need Is Love over the original versions. But, that’s not really saying much — the originals were and still are classics in their own right.

I’ve listened to it a few times over the past couple of days, and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s made me dig out the old albums (sorry, I meant to say fire up iTunes…) and listen to them again. Overall, it’s been worth the $10 that I paid for it. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes the Beatles. Even if you’re just a casual fan, you’ll almost certainly enjoy this album.


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