Game deals

As a software engineer for a game company, I naturally like to play games. My addictions in the past have been almost exclusively for the GameBoy and GameBoy Advance. Naturally, the DS has taken over quite nicely in this regard, along with the PS2 and even playing WarCraft III on the Mac.

Lately, I’ve been picking up games I missed when they first came out. The good thing is that buying them later has allowed me to pick them up cheaper. For example, a few weeks ago, Target had a copy of Advance Wars: Dual Strike for $14.95. Over the past month, I’ve picked up quite a few DS, PS2, PS1, and GameCube games — and the most expensive one was Advance Wars DS.

Last night while at CompUSA, I found out that they apparently have been watching me, and are now placing games out just for me. While in the line at the front desk, I looked over and found a copy of Mario Golf: Advance Tour for $9.95. Considering that I had $11 in my wallet, I would say that they hit the target price exactly. I had already experienced the joy of playing Mario Golf on the GBC years ago, and this one picked up from exactly the same spot. It doesn’t even bother me to be playing it on a DS Fat instead of the GBA.

This CompUSA is the same place where I found Mr. Driller: Drill Spirts for $4.95, Bomberman DS for $7.95, and Donkey Konga with Congos for $14.95. Not a bad set of finds at all, IMO. If you are looking for games, especially some of the slightly older ones, you might want to check your local CompUSA. Now if they would only hire some people to run the registers, they might actually be onto something…

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