I’m on the web…

now what?

Well, I guess I can start by introducing myself…. since that is the proper thing to do. My name is Dennis. From the URL, you can probably infer what my last name is. From the title of the blog, you can guess that I’m probably into computers. With that, you could even feed my name into Google and start Google-stalking me. But, let me save you the time.

I’m a Senior Engineer at Cecropia. For those who don’t know (probably most of you don’t at this point), Cecropia is a video game company. In addition to my daytime duties, I am also a father of 3 boys and a husband of a beautiful wife.

I don’t have plans for this blog. I hope that at some point, it becomes useful to someone. Though, that someone might only be myself.

As for interests — you’ll probably see mostly posts about tech topics, though I won’t promise that to always be the case. In my day job, I deal with mainly with Mac OS X and Linux. So, a lot of my posts will be about my frustrations with them. I’ll also be talking video games from time to time.

So, I guess this is it for my first post. Hopefully the next one will be more memorable.

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